Bonny Willett Sculpture and Painting

Artist Statement

Watercolor painting and sculpture have always been a great part of my Portrait Painting by Bonny Willett life. Living in Asia for nine years, Europe for four, and extensive worldwide travel, have profoundly influenced my work. My watercolor portraits, painted wet on wet, join the cultures of both East and West. My travels exposed me to diverse values, beliefs, attitudes and people. My recent paintings bring to you some of the remarkable individuals I've met in Asia, Peru, Mexico, and in my home state of Vermont. For this work, I combine charcoal and watercolor. My paintings are in private collections, embassies, and hotels around the globe.

My sculpture incorporates the elegance I see in nature and the human form. I interpret Abstract Sculpture by Bonny Willett this elegance with flowing, clean, and uncomplicated lines. I enjoy humor and often include a bit of whimsy in my work. I have used a variety of media to this aim. I currently work mostly in clay and wax, using the lost wax method to make my bronze and aluminum pieces. Using this method, I have recently created two-piece abstract forms. I enjoy the ability to reshape the sculptural form by moving these pieces and feel the viewer would enjoy the same freedom.

--Bonny Willett