Bonny Willett Sculpture and Painting
Cuzco, Peru

Bent Over, With a Bundle of Fodder on Her Back, She Came Through the Pass, Leading Her Llamas Home

Katmandu, Nepal

A Proud Grandfather

Katmandu, Nepal

A Colorful Woman on the Road to Katmandu

Hidalgo, Mexico

While Her Mother Sold Balloons, a Young Girl Uses Her Mother's Makeup

Spring Daffodils

A Mother and Her Babe

Vermont Farmer

His Tomatoes Were Prize Winners

Blueberry grower

She Sold the Biggest Blueberries

San Miguel, Mexico

A Couple Resting

Fish from a Truck

We Were Buying Fish
from a Truck

Fence Painter

Fence Painter

Holy Man with Cell Phone

Even a Holy Man
Has a Cell Phone

Barn Painter

Barn Painter

Prize Ox

A Prize Ox and His Young Owner

Cuzco, Peru

Joined Worry

Syrup Maker

A Sugar House and the Syrup Maker

Bagan, Burma

She Didn't Have Much but
Was Happy With What She Had

Waiting for a Ride, India

Waiting for a Ride

Mother and Baby

Mother and Baby

Marrakesh, Morocco

Dressed in Blue

Produce Seller, Vermont

Produce for Sale

Young Hmong Girl, Vietnam

A Young Hmong Girl

Jamaican Farmer in Vermont

Jamaican Farmer in Vermont